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Every Time We Say Goodbye

2012 - Every Time We Say Goodbye

Claude Sifferlen  

In 1990 legendary recording engineer Mark Hood and jazz guitarist/producer Royce Campbell teamed up to produce a solo piano recording featuring jazz pianist Claude Sifferlen on a Bosendorfer grand piano. This recording has been released on CD for the first time. Sadly, Claude Sifferlen passed away in 2010, but thanks to his widow, Renee, this release has been made possible so others can hear one of the greatest jazz pianists in jazz history.

Price: $13.98

2012 - All Ballads and a Bossa

Royce Campbell  | Tony Nalker |  Tony Martucci | Tom Baldwin  

On All Ballads & A Bossa, Campbell proves beyond a doubt that he is the one of the most melodic soloists on jazz guitar. Supported by a group of world-class musicians of equal musicianship and sensitivity, Campbell performs a spectacular selection of ballads that have not received the recognition they deserve.

Price: $13.98

2012 - The Beginning

Royce Campbell   

Originally released as an LP by Redbuds Records in 1983, under the title, SOLO GUITAR, this album represents Royce Campbell's very first recording project. The tracks have been digitally remastered and are now available for the first time in nearly three decades.

Price: $13.98

2011 - Jazz Blues

Royce Campbell      

JAZZ BLUES is a compilation of tracks selected from the vast recorded catalog of guitarist Royce Campbell--all based on the blues form. These recordings span two decades, showing not only the versatility of Campbell’s playing but also the tremendously talented musicians he has recorded with over the years.

Price: $13.98

2010 - Triologue: Concepts

Royce Campbell   |   Bob Bowen   |  Ron Free    

A new trio featuring Royce Campbell, Ron Free on drums, and Bob Bowen on bass. This group is unique in its ability to communicate musically. The name of the group is accurate because of the extraordinary musical dialogue between the musicians.

Price: $13.98

2010 - What is This Thing Called?

Royce Campbell   |   Bob Bowen   |  Hod O'Brien    

Phillogy Jazz Records. A guitar-bass-piano jazz trio performs new versions of standard chord progressions. Bebop piano legend Hod O'Brien has teamed with jazz guitar legend Royce Campbell along with upcoming bassist Bob Bowen to create a classic bebop influenced CD.

Price: $13.98

2010 - Solo Trane: A Solo Guitar Tribute to John Coltrane

Royce Campbell   

Features Royce on acoustic guitar paying tribute to the great music of John Coltrane. The three original compositions were influenced and inspired by Coltrane’s unique style. The legendary Coltrane quartet was comprised of acoustic instruments, inspiring the choice of instrument on this recording.

Price: $13.98

2009 - All Standards...and A Blues

Royce Campbell  |   Bob Bowen   |  Ron Free 

Featuring Campbell’s current trio of Ron Free on drums and Bob Bowen on bass which exhibits a high level of musical communication. Though the songs are familiar standards there are some different twists, such as “All The Things You Are” in 6/4 time and “Out Of Nowhere” as a samba.

Price: $13.98


2009 - Movie Songs Project

Royce Campbell  |  Phil Woods  |   Bob Bowen   |  Ron Free 

Alto sax legend Phil Woods teams with guitarist Royce Campbell and his trio on a collection of some of the greatest songs from the movies.

Price: $13.98


2009 - Solo Mancini: A Solo Guitar Tribute to Henry Mancini

Royce Campbell  

A solo jazz guitar tribute to legendary film composer Henry Mancini by Mancini's long time guitarist Royce Campbell.

Price: $13.98


2009 - Solo Wes: A Solo Guitar Tribute to Wes Montgomery

Royce Campbell  

Harmonically creative solo guitar renditions of Wes Montgomery favorites, performed by world-class guitarist Royce Campbell.

Price: $13.98


2008 - A Jazz Guitar Christmas: Volume 2

Royce Campbell   |   Bob Bowen   |  Ron Free 

A follow up to the critically acclaimed "A Jazz Guitar Christmas"--another collection of Christmas favorites featuring jazz guitar. Classic mainstream jazz featuring Royce Campbell on guitar, Bob Bowen bass, and Ron Free on drums.

Price: $13.98

2008 - The Art of Chord Solo Guitar

Royce Campbell  

Harmonically creative solo guitar renditions of familiar standards elegantly performed by world-class guitarist Royce Campbell.

Price: $13.98

2007 - Get Happy

Royce Campbell   |   Joe Kennedy   |   Paul Langosch 

"Get Happy” was the last recording Joe Kenndy played on so this is a recording of great historical significance.The CD features uplifting standards such as Ellington’s “I’m Beginning to See The light”, Gershwin’s “S’Wonderful, Jerome Kern’s ”Pick Yourself Up” ,and a clever arrangement of Harold Arlen’s classic “I Want To Be Happy."

Price: $13.98  

2007 - Roses and Wine  

Royce Campbell   |   James King/ Pete Spaar  |   Hod O'Brien

A mainstream jazz classic CD featuring bebop piano legend Hod O'Brien with James king and Pete Spaar sharing the bass duties recreating the sound of the Nat Cole Trio which featured piano, guitar and bass. The concept of the project was to take chord progressions of familiar standards and create new melodies but usually when jazz musicians do this they compose new melodies, but on this project Royce Campbell improvised the melodies which creates a different mood from the norm.

Price: $13.98

2006 - Trio By Starlight  

Royce Campbell   |   Tom Baldwin   |   Hod O'Brien

This CD is a concept project; all the songs are based on the harmonic chord progressions of famous standards, but Campbell replaces the familiar melodies with new ones. Admittedly the concept is not entirely new, but Campbell decided to challenge himself by improvising the new melodies, rather than composing them. This creates a unique sound overall that separates this CD from the other mainstream jazz CDs.

Price: $13.98

2006 - Elegy to a Friend

Royce Campbell  |   Ratzo Harris  |  Terrence Cook  | Stan Gage

A re-release of his 1993 recording, the CD reveals the more experimental side of Campbell's playing and composing, a side of Campbell that has, until now, only been exposed in concert. Accompanying him into the world of experimental jazz are woodwind player Terrence Cook, bassist Ratzo Harris, and the late Stan Gage on drums to whom the CD is dedicated. Stan Gage died at the much too young age of 47 without much recorded output, so hopefully this CD will help to expose the great talents that Stan possessed.

Price: $13.98    



2006 - Gypsy Soul

Royce Campbell  |   Bob Bowen  |  Phil Riddle

Royce Campbell's initial venture into the realm of gypsy jazz guitar. Campbell explains the project as not an attempt to imitate or recreate Django or his era, but as an expression of his own interpretation of the gypsy jazz genre. “This is a recording of original music performed in my own solo style with a gypsy jazz feel;” Campbell says, “I am exploring my own affinity for this music without making any claim to authenticity. I know that others can do that much better than I ever could.

Price: $13.98



2005 - Plays for Lovers

Royce Campbell   |   Fred Hersch   |  Arr. by Carroll DeCamp Lynn Seaton  |   Mark Wolfey   |   Cathy Morris  |   Dick Dennis   

Originally released in 1999 on CMG records, under the title “With Strings,” the recording received little promotion. When Campbell was informed that the remaining copies had been destroyed in a warehouse fire, he decided to reissue the project under a new title, chosen because so many people had said that the music was perfect for romantic occasions.

Price: $13.98

2004 - A Jazz Guitar Christmas  

Royce Campbell   |   Tom Baldwin   |   Howard Curtis, Jr.  

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Campbell's swinging homage to Christmas features many of the classic Christmas standards. Also included is a vocal version of Campbell's inspiring composition, "Live Everyday Like Christmas" featuring the warm voice of Everett Greene. Both world-class musicians, Howard Curtis Jr. and Tom Baldwin are the special ingredient that makes "A Jazz Guitar Christmas" much more than your average traditional Christmas recording.

Price: $13.98  



2004 - Six by Six: A Jazz Guitar Celebration  

Royce Campbell   |   John Abercrombie   |   Pat Martino  
John Abercrombie  |   Larry Coryell   |  Dave Stryker
Bucky Pizzarelli  |   Essiet Essiet  | Ugona Okegwo
Lynn Seaton  | Billy Drummond  |  Marcello Pelliteri
Joe Cocuzzo   

Reached #5 on the national radio airplay charts!

The CD features such standards as "Love for Sale," "Darn That Dream," "Softly, as in a Morning Sunrise," and "Dancing on the Ceiling" along with jazz standards such as John Coltrane's "Naima," and "Milestones," as well as three originals by Campbell.

Price: $13.98



2003 - A Tribute to Charlie Byrd

Royce Campbell  |  Gene Bertoncini  
Keeter Betts  |  Chuck Redd

A warm tribute to a legendary guitarist featuring Royce Campbell on electric guitar and Gene Bertoncini on the acoustic nylon string guitar. Charlie Byrd is well known for helping bring the bossa nova to America in the 60's. Also featured are long time members of Charlie Byrd's band--Keeter Betts and Chuck Redd. The CD features some of Byrd's favorite composers such as Duke Ellington and Antonio Carlos Jobim.

Price: $13.98   


2002 - Trioing

Royce Campbell  |  Paul Langosch |  Bill Goodwin 

This is Campbell's 14th CD release either as leader or co-leader. The CD features classic standards such as "I'm Old Fashioned", "Nature Boy", and "You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To", along with four Campbell original compositions.

Reached # 7 on the national radio airplay charts!

Price: $13.98  

1996 - A Tribute to Henry Mancini

Royce Campbell  |   Bruce Barth  |  Bill Morning  |  Terry Clark

It seems fitting that Royce would do a tribute to Henry Mancini, since he was his guitarist for nineteen years up until Mancini died in 1994. The quartet performs many of Mancini's most familiar compositions, such as "The Days of Wine and Roses," "Moon River," "Charade," "The Pink Panther," and "Mr. Lucky". Some of Mancini's lesser know songs are also included, such as the haunting ballad "Softly" and an original solo guitar ballad by Campbell entitled "Letter to Henry". This CD was the highest ranked jazz guitar recording in the country for four weeks on the national jazz radio charts.

Reached # 8 on the national radio airplay charts!

Price: $13.98

1995 - Make Me Rainbows

Royce Campbell  |  Melvin Rhyne  |  Jimmy Cobb

This is the same rhythm section featured on the classic Wes Montgomery recording "Boss Guitar." This CD contains three originals by Campbell along with such standards as "Ruby," "You Go To My Head," "If I Should Lose You," "Softly, As in a Morning Sunrise," and a seldom recorded Cole Porter tune called "Could It Be You."

Reached # 28 on the national radio airplay charts!

Price: $13.98 

1994 - Project G5: A Tribute to Wes Montgomery

Royce Campbell  |  Tal Farlow  |  Herb Ellis  
Jimmy Raney  | Cal Collins  | Melvin Rhyne 
John Clayton, Jr. |  John Von Ohlen

The guitarists perfom songs by Wes, along with standards Wes recorded, such as "Yesterdays," "Body and Soul," "End of a Love Affair," "Gone With the Wind," and "The Days of Wine and Roses."

Reached # 3 on the national radio airplay charts!

Price: $13.98   

1994 / 2012 - Vista

Royce Campbell  | Terrance Cook  |  Steve Dokken
Kevin Kaiser |  Art Reiner |  Dave Clark  |  Jeff Lashaway  
Bill Shields  |  Chris Leiber

Features Campbell on acoustic and electric guitar in a contemporary jazz setting. This recording features the hit song "Kiwi," which continues to receive extensive airplay on smooth jazz radio stations woldwide.

On the National Contemporary Jazz Charts for eight weeks in 1994!

Price: $13.98 

1994 - Gentle Breeze

Royce Campbell  |   Al Kiger  |  Lynn Seaton |  John Von Ohlen

Campbell's second CD for Timeless Records features him in a quartet setting, along with a mixture of Campbell's original compositions and standards such as as "Stella by Starlight," "Out of Nowhere," "I Get a Kick Out of You," and "Laura."

Price: $13.98

1990 - Nighttime Daydreams

Royce Campbell  |   Al Kiger  |  Frank Smith  |  
Claude Sifferlen  |  John Von Ohlen  |  

Royce Campbell's first CD release features classic standards such as Duke Ellington's "In a Sentimental Mood," Cole Porter's "I Love You," and "I Remember April" along with four of Royce's melodic original compositions. Released in 1990 by the Dutch Label Timeless Records, this recording is believed to be the first locally produced jazz CD to receive international distribution.

Price: $13.98