Royce Campbell

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  1952- Born in Seymour, Indiana
1961- Took up guitar
1969- First professional gigs
1971-First performed w/Henry Mancini
1973-Toured with Marvin Gaye
1975-Joined Mancini as his regular guitarist
1983- First LP "Solo Guitar" released on Redbud Records
1987-LP "Around the Town" released
1990-CD "Nighttime Daydreams"released on Timeless Records
1992-CD Project G-5, A Tribute to Wes Montgomery" released in Japan on King Records
1993-CD "Elegy to a Friend" released on Raised Eyebrow Records
1994-CD Vista released on Sin- Drome Records
1994-CD "Gentle Breeze" released on Timeless Records
1994-CD "Project G-5, A Tribute to Wes Montgomery" released in the US by Evidence Records


1994- G-5 reaches #3 in the country on the Gavin Report air play charts
1994-CD"6x6" released in Japan on King Records
1995-CD "Make Me Rainbows" released on Positive Music
1995-"Make Me Rainbows reaches #28 on the Gavin Charts
1996-CD "A Tribute to Henry Mancini" released on Episode Records
1996-Mancini tribute CD reaches #8 on the Gavin charts
1998-CD "Pitapat"released on A Records
1998-CD w/Adrian Ingram"Hands Across the Water"released on String Jazz Records
1999-Produced Mel Rhyne's CD"Remembering Wes" for Savant Records
1999-CD "Project G-5, A Tribute to Joe Pass" released in Japan on King Records
2000- Joins the Smithsonian Jazz Masterworks Orchestra
2000- Produced the CD"The Art of Solo Guitar" for King Records of Japan
2001-Performs with Quincy Jones
2001-CD"A Tribute to Charlie Byrd" released in Japan on JazzBank Records

2002-CD"Trioing" released on Jardis Records


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